The Malay Boys – MCE 1961

Besides the photo of the Malays girls of MCE 1961, Mohd Som bin Haji Sulong also shared the photo of some of the Malays boys from MCE 1961 batch.

Here is different photo of the same batch taken in 1960 (form 4) [Gang of Four] – photo taken from their

An another one here (from the same blog) – [Friends Good with Numbers]:

p.s. Mohd Som commented in The Malay Girls – MCE 1961 that it was not called MCE then but it was known as “Senior Cambridge Certificate (SC) and the Federation of Malaya Certificate (FMC).


~ by akarimomar on February 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Malay Boys – MCE 1961”

  1. Sdr Karim. Nice to see the photo of malay boys MCE 1961. Arwah Wan Hamid is my uncle. Thanks for putting the photo.

  2. […] for the photos. And for the recent articles – thanks also to Mohd Som Haji Sulong (and photos too) and Rosita Mohd Yusuf (and her article from the school magazine). The door is still open to all […]

  3. […] The Malay Boys – 1961 […]

  4. […] The Malay Boys – 1961 […]

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