Sekayu Trip Photos – 1969

Phua Lian Choo (MCE1969), now residing in United Kingdom, has some good collection of the old photos. The last posting of the MCE 1969 photos were from her collection. She has also been a regular visitor (with comments among others here, here and here).

Unfortunately 40 years has passed – and she cannot recall most of the names in the photos and look forward from those who can identify those in these photos.

Nowadays one does not need to wade through this stream anymore.

A group photo is always a must. Can someone help identify those in this photo?





~ by akarimomar on March 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “Sekayu Trip Photos – 1969”

  1. Could the girl tagged as (D) be Fauziah, one of the gamelan dancers (your sister Karimah should know her) and girl no (2) Syed Munshis’s sister?

  2. Ji,
    That is correct. (D) is Fauziah Hamzah, one of the Gamelan dancers those days together with both my sisters Kauthar Rahana and Karimah.
    Do you know Syed Munshi’s sister’s name?
    More names are coming. Hope to get more feedback. Once I get more than 50%, I will update the photo.

    • I don’t know Syed Munshi’s sister’s name. But I think girl no 6 must be Tg. Mariam, Ku Noti’s auntie.

  3. Yes, that’s right. I’m the one with the number ‘6’. Amazing to see me that young. It was sooo looonngg ago. heh heh heh.,.

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