Headmasters, Headboys and Headgirls

Two new pages had been added.

Headmasters – listing of all our headmaster – still trying to update.

click here: https://sulaimanian.wordpress.com/the-headmasters/

Headboys and Headgirls – listing of all the headboys and headgirls of SS.

click here: https://sulaimanian.wordpress.com/the-headboys-and-headgirls/

Thanks to Nurfathiah Nadiah bt Abd. Wahab (current student of SMKSS) for helping to fill in the blanks.

To others who can help fill in the blanks please send email to akarimomar@yahoo.com



“Pages” are additional page/s to the main [home] blog. It stays static without chronological updates – as the regular blog main page.


~ by akarimomar on March 4, 2009.

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