Special Message From Mr. Nava (K.S.Navaratnam)

Though I promised that I will be starting with 1972 postings from today until the year end, I have to post this special message from Mr. Nava first. He left a comment here, but rather than leaving it as a comment which may not be read by many, I make it as a new post for all Sulaimanians.

Mr. and Mrs. Nava in Bali (2002)

Mr. Nava was teaching in SS in 1960s. I incidentally met him during our tour in deserted Bali (just a month after the bombing). It was just him and his wife other than my family at the sprawling resort in Bali. We started to get acquainted sharing the same bus touring the island the entire day – and finally we had something common to talk about.

Here is his message (comment that he left this morning):

This is the 1st time I am writing in this facebook (!) or is this just the sulaimanian web page – oops!! Is it the same? Any way who cares! I just want to let all those boys and girls know that I ( Mr Nava ) am very much alive and kicking.

I was in contact with Karim for a while but when he asked me write something I chickened out!! And yesterday 19th Dec, Kazaruddin called me ( I wondered how he got my number ) and we had a long long chat. I wanted to say, hey your phone bill !! Anyway I had a wonderful chat with him.

And today, Mohd Ali (Mahari) called me from KT (?) and chatted for more than half-an hour. My grandson( 8 ) came to me later and said ‘ which girl were u talking to for so long ?’ Anyway it was wonderful. Mohd Ali also sent me (Yeo) Sin Bin’s number – so I called him and had a short conversation.

Anyway, to all you wonderful people out there – I live in Seremban. from SS I went to SDAR, Tanjong Malim and when SDAR shifted to Seremban – lock stock and barrel – I opted to follow, although I am a Perakian. I took optional retirement in 1990 and went to a new private college, then – Kolej Tuanku Jaafar, in Mantin, also in Negeri until I retired in 2005.

Thats the story of my ‘active life’. Now its gardening, grandchildren ( 4 ) and some games.

My contact – Hse. 06 6316699 Mobile : 012 2591093 & email – ratnam05@streamyx.com

More later. Bye and god bless u all.


~ by akarimomar on December 21, 2011.

11 Responses to “Special Message From Mr. Nava (K.S.Navaratnam)”

  1. Sounds crazy but the young Mr. Navaratnam is so vivid in my mind. I remember the many times seeing him coming from the Boys’ Hostel as we girls were walking towards school from the Girls’ Hostel. Will always remember that “smile” and his ” good morning ” greetings.

  2. Mr. Navaratnam my former history teacher during my studenship in SS.

    • Not sure about History (I was much later after he has left) but in a posting scheduled during the 2nd week of Jan next year (kena sabarlah), you will see that he is in the Geographical Society 1965 photo. I wonder if he teaches Geog rather than History.

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  4. Mohd Embong, you might be right. I could have taught history. You see, when you are a new teacher, you get bullied. I even taught general science in ss. It was not a big deal. but i was not trained for these subjects!!But, it was fun. When i think of the good old days sometimes……. its ok. bye

  5. Karim, as i promised, i am sending you a pile of photographs which i had cherished since my SS days. Sorry for delay. You should get it soon. I will try to send them through a friend of mine, who has a law firm in KT. He comes down every week from Seremban.
    Shall inform you as soon as i have given it to him. You might have to go to his office to collect it.


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  7. Mr.Nava Sir, cud that lawyer be Mr.Horley Isaac.

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