The MCE 1975 Batch

Here are the class photos of the MCE 1975 batch. I have nothing specific to write but just sharing the photos scanned from the school magazine. I welcome comments from those in the photos or those who simply wish to drop some words.

Please click on the photo to get for a larger image.

5 Science 1

5 Science 2

5 Arts

5 Commerce 1

5 Commerce 2



~ by akarimomar on December 13, 2009.

15 Responses to “The MCE 1975 Batch”

  1. baru-baru ini ada jumpa G.Mohanan(ex 5C1) kat majlis keramaian Hindu. Dapat tahu dia masih bachelor. Muka dia tak ubah banyak. masih macam dalam gambar kelas.

  2. I’m in the 3rd picture, 5 Arts. I hope those in the five pictures will surface, and leave comments.Rindu kawan2 lama, biarlah tak dapat jumpa pun, at least boleh exchange messages here.

  3. Soon,
    Thanks for your comment – as always – and also always appreciated.
    Would really love to get in touch with G. Mohanan. We were very close.Stayed in the same Kampong Mok Pe (Jalan Tekukur). Spent a lot of time at his house those days [the house is now gone – which was in front of Wan Yusof Othman (NoorKumalasari)’s house (then)/and Tg Alawiah/Tg Fathiah(?)/Tg Farouk(Yoke)’s house]
    We had lots of scouting experience together. Will be sharing the scouting photos later.

  4. Ji,
    Thanks leaving a note – really hope you will get in touch with others soon through this blog. That was one of the purpose I have this blog established.
    I do not have much to write – mainly sharing old photos.
    Really looking forward for anybody to write a post – please share your nostalgic days at SS.
    Write to me – I will definitely give the space.

  5. Salam Karim, thanks a million for posting the above photos with all the names included. It certaintly helped to jog up this old cpu. Actually I have not met some of the classmates since leaving school. Standing next to me is arwah Wan Yusuf (Al-Fatihah). If I am not mistaken, Micheal Lim was our class monitor then.Maybe Pok Ya can verify that.


    Ali Sabri

  6. Ali – will to get more photos from the school magazine scanned and posted for everybody. But please write a post to share your experience with others.

  7. yang arwah tu wan yusoff mana?

  8. Sh.Normadiah merupakan xclassmate saya semasa d Tg.Mahmud Sec.School Besut.Saya dah terputus hubungan dgn beliau.Kalau ada sesiapa yg mengenali dan tahu di mana beliau berada,harap boleh hubungi saya di jasa baik anda amat saya hargai.T.kasih

  9. Ji, salm, I recognised you after seeing u in the pic of 5 arts.rambut blonde kulit putih gebu, kn…

  10. A’kum. I’ looking for my friend, Azizah Jalil, form 5 Arts, 1975.

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