Mr. Nava’s Photos – The Hostel

Within hours after Photos From Mr. Nava was posted, Abang Ali Mahari was first to comment – and impatiently asked when would the rest of the photos be uploaded.

Well, the photos were beyond my time. Only a handful of those I could recognized. To make a post meaningful, I would need those photos sorted thematically. Otherwise it will be “rojak”.

I will now start posting some of the photos related to Mr. Nava and the hostels whom many remember him as the warden there.

The photo below is Mr. Nava’s hostel block – which is closest to the Science Block. The warden for the other block was cikgu En. Bahari Mohd Atan.

The south block of the boys hostel, circa 1969

To identify the year of the photo below, of the Boys’ Hostel Prefects, is a little puzzling. In the photo, the HM was arwah En. Khalid Jamin, the very first Malay to be the HM of SS, and a very strict person indeed. Officially, he was the HM in 1969 – 1971. Mr. Nava is no longer with SS in 1970. That leaves only 1969 – but the official photo in the school magazine of Boys Hostel Prefect (click to view the photo) has a different set of hostel prefects but with the HM and wardens (Mr. Nava and En. Kasmurin being the same. Plus, the photo was taken at a different location.

The Boys Hostel Prefect – 1968?

Or could it be that, the HM before En. Khalid, Mr. Foong See Tonn, left earlier in 1968 and En. Khalid starts as HM before 1968 ends contrary to what is officially posted in the school hall wall, thus the photo was actually taken in 1968?

As for Abang Ali Mahari, there will be more postings on the hostel life coming …


~ by akarimomar on April 27, 2012.

13 Responses to “Mr. Nava’s Photos – The Hostel”

  1. Thank u for sharing, Karim

  2. Aslkm Karim,
    Standing left to right no.2 & 3 are 2 Chinese boys from Telipot. Together with Zaidi no.5 they were in the School Rugby Team 1965. They were 3rd.formers in 1965. No.7 is Alimin youger brother to Tasnim, my 5 Tech.classmate in 65. No.8 is Bahanuddin, school runner for 3rd.division 1965.
    Sitting left to right no.2 is Ahmad Rani, no.3 is the heart throb of our school girls – Mr.Navaratnam, no.4 the HM En.Khalid, no.7 Ahmad Ab.Rahman (Mat Tok Bilal or Mat Gendawan).
    Perhaps your sister Hjh.Karimah or Hjh.Norhayaty (mine) may shade better light on this.

    • Abang Ali, thanks for the additional info. I will also check with my sisters.

    • Assalaamualaikum to all! I’ve been following all of your postings here since many days ago; and only now i’ve decided to join you all. Yes, BTW, you all must have heard of me or known me since your school days at SSSS! i’m Tasnim Othman, Alamin’s elder brother! And of course Mohd Ali Mahari was together with me since the primary school days!! (Memang tak boleh lupa tu; cuma dah lamaaaa sangat tak jumpa!!!) As for Hj Karim, I also know both your sisters (sapa tak kenal anak Ust Omar masa tu!). Well, about the Boys’ Hostel Prefect Board, I’m rather confident that it was taken in 1968. I was in the hostel together with some of my other classmates in Form 6; and they, who were prefects, were not in the pictures. I was a hostelite since 1962 (Form 2) and was at the hostel till 1967 (Upper Six). For info, the first Form 6 classes started in SSSS in 1966. I left SSSS after taking my HSC at the end of 1967. Well…. so much for the intro; I’m now a retired Govt Officer and staying in Kota Damansara, PJ! I do go back to K Tganu once in a while (maklumlah, both parents dah meninggal 6 tahun dulu!). Maybe we can meet in K Tganu sooner or later! Keep up all the good work…..! Will be back, insya Allah, wassalam!

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  4. Short of 3 yrs before I first set my foot there. Block B, closest to the old science block where the hostelites of my era enjoyed our friday night malay movie slot. “Buleh tengok tb malang ning” !

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  6. Gambar kedudukan berdiri no.2 dari kanan ialah A’yrhm Dato’ Hj Razali Ismail menteri pendidikan M’sia. A’yrhm semasa studenship adalah tokoh teater yg dsegani & penggerak utama drama “Uda & Dara” yg jadi nostalgia kpd anak muda mse itu. Al-Fatihah utk Allahyarham…….

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  9. Salam , I was in SS ’66 to ’71 lower six sekejap. Maybe I can add , the other hostelite warden is En kasmurin sururi who join the school in ’66 fresh from maktab perguruan and teaches bahasa melayu , and I can remember him very well because one day he cane all the boys in our form 1B1 class for some reason I have forgotten. In those days whatever caning you receive, you have to absorb the pain in silence ( barulah di katakan macho) and perhaps discussed only among the boys No way would we inform our parent cause in those days if you are caned then you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence .be

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